LAB12: A screening night by Fine Art students

LAB12: A screening night by Fine Art students

LAB12: A screening night by Fine Art students
Title: ‘Catcalling me twice is like calling my cat side to scratch you up really nice’
July 10, 2021 from 20:00 – 22:00
space52 Athens

Participating Artists

Katerina Alexandri, Angelica Barli, Nasia Drimousi, Smaragda Karamperi, Markella Ksilogiannopoulou, Froso Papadopoulou, Theodora Savvalaridi

Curated by Evi Roumani

On Saturday July 10 we invite you to the third public program developed in the framework of our ongoing moving image exhibition, Never Cross the Same River Twice, curated by Kisito Assangni and Ariana Kalliga. The student led screening night is a collaboration between space52 and LAB12, Athens School of Fine Arts. Playfully titled, “Catcalling me twice is like calling my cat side to scratch you up really nice” the participating works draws upon feminist practices and unfold into an event of different femininities that follow their own multidimensional emancipatory paths.

The students expand upon the thematics explored in Never Cross the Same River Twice, and have developed a new collective video & poem in response to the exhibition, which will be presented at the end of the night.


My mouth devours and spits out a horny treat
With butterflies in my stomach
A discourse with what’s above my head and bangs like a bell behind my neck
A voice wet and floating like a jellyfish
Groaning and nausea and wetness
And in the end, you and I both naked in the mirror with a bleeding eye
Snails lick our tongues as it dances around
Which story will you pick for the ending?

Our visual realities unfold like different games that we crave to see and immerse into while allowing all kinds of fixations on a fluid, ever present emotion of holding tight. As Donna Haraway states: “Life is a window of vulnerability. It seems a mistake to close it.” In this screening, we attempt through moving words and images to visualize vulnerability as a new kind of power that piles up and expands, a giant wave slowly moving towards the spectator’s shore.

About LAB12

Our scope is to Redefine Art Practice by Redefining Art Education The 12th Laboratory of Painting and Expanded Media of Visual Arts(LAB12) of Athens School of Fine Arts, directed by Poka-Yio aims to offer students an educational experience based on its three central pillars, Personal Development, Community – Collective and Multidisciplinary Practice. Personal Development intends to develop artistic action based in self-observation and personal reflection. By building a Community – Collective students experiment with artistic projects based on a collective organization of artistic activity. Through Multidisciplinary Practice students familiarize themselves with the nature of an expanded field of art and the means that have been utilized and are utilized within it.

About Evi Roumani

Evi Roumani is a visual artist and curator that lives in Athens and studied visual arts in Athens School of Fine Arts(ASFA). She holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts (MFA ASFA) and she is a PhD Candidate in Athens School of Fine Arts. She has presented her works in solo and group exhibitions and she is the curator of Ammophila contemporary art exhibition in Elafonisos. She is an observer of visual phenomena. Through her work she aims to offer another perspective regarding small, every day, compulsive pleasures and relaxing moments. Her research studies the Image Act and its power.

Froso Papadopoulou, “Christos Anesti”, 2021, video, 4’34’’
Katerina Alexandri, “Part One. The Mirror”, 2020, video 2’57’’
Smaragda Karamperi, “About Sacrifice and Flesh-Eating”, 2020, video 3’43’’
Markella Ksilogiannopoulou, “Fuck it, I’m fucking my catcaller”, 2021, video 2’34’’
Nasia Drimousi, “Fictitious Shell”, 2021, video 3’38’’