Workshop by ERGO Art Production & Art Collective

Workshop by ERGO Art Production & Art Collective

@Space52  21 May-11 June 2018 (on Mondays)

THE WORKSHOP is an experimental show which will be focusing on the process of making rather than the end product. Our aim is to form creative bonds between participants: what does each group and each individual have to learn from the other(s)? how do they combine? how do they aid each other?
Through an open call we created a team of artists from different backgrounds

– Adrianopoulou Zoi
– Antoniou Ellie
– Barbaka Barbara
– Economo Antonia
– Giagakis Apostolis
– Gold Lena
– Strofilla Ariadni
– Syrianou Anna
– Tsaloumas Fotis
– Zarifopoulos Vasilis

The Workshop is the deconstruction of the concept of an exhibition; of a group show, in terms of space, content, context, structure and presentation.

A few words about ERGO Collective
Multisided, multidisciplinary, multiskilled: ΕRGO Collective is an Athens based artist-run platform, welcoming collaborations with guest artists from within Greece, but also from abroad. The organic interdisciplinary nature of ERGO Art Collective stems from the very fact that it is composed from a group of young people, each specialising on their own sector and together collaborating on bringing the organism to life.

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